Tiago Sampaio AKA St. James Park is a producer, musician and composer based in Braga, Portugal. After founding the band Grandfather’s House and touring two different albums throughout Europe, Tiago decided to venture into novelty by exploring electronic music. Influenced by experimental electronics, classical music and hip-hop, he released hist debut album “Highlight” in 2020 and quickly caught the public and critics’ attention. This work speaks about a human being who lives between light and darkness, who depends on the addictions of routine and memory to be able to continue on living. On this album he had the opportunity to collaborate with artists like Lince, Noiserv, and his sister and fellow musician IVY.After “Highlight”, he had the opportunity to integrate the album “Oasis Nocturno (Remixed)” by TOKiMONSTA and also released two remixes of acts like First Breath After Coma and Gator, the Aligator.
His new EP, "ocean", is to be released soon.


Como quem Pinta - Sensible Soccers, 2021  Rework 

Parallèle, 2021 (Soundtrack)

short movie by Michael Karnow and André Alves

The Upsetters - First Breath After Coma,
2020 (Rework)

Feral Rush - Gator, the Aligator,
2020 (Rework)

Higher Hopes - TOKiMONTA,
2020 (Rework)

Highlight, 2020 (Album)